How to Join

Joining a church means you are ready to make a deeper commitment to a life as a Christian.  Membership is the step beyond Visitor in preparation for Discipleship. If you are interested in Joining First United Methodist of Gatesville, simply meet the pastor at the altar during the final hymn, also called the Hymn of Invitation. The only pre-requisite is that you have been baptized.  We accept the baptisms from any denomination.

Ways for adults to join: Affirmation of Faith – by answering several questions to indicate that you accept Jesus your savior. Transfer of Membership – by telling us where your membership is currently held.  Affiliate Members – are those who desire to keep their membership in another church or denomination as well as this one.

Children, under the age of 13 join as “constituent” members until they attend our confirmation classes.

It may be helpful to meet with the pastor before joining to have your questions answered and to share the story of your faith journey.  You can schedule an appointment by checking the appropriate block on the attendance registration form, or by calling the church office at 254-865-2520.