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Why do you have to be baptized before you can join the church?
We believe baptism is the same as joining God’s universal church.  Another word for ‘universal’ is ‘catholic’ (with a small ‘c’).  Before you join a church or denomination, you need to join God’s family.

I’ve already been baptized once.  Do I have to be baptized again?
No.  Baptism is something God does to us using a minister to help.  Because God never does it wrong, God never has to do it over.

Who can be baptized?
Anyone can be baptized at any age.  Their intentions or the intentions of their sponsors must be good.


Do you dunk or sprinkle? 
Yes and yes.  We call it ‘immersion’ or ‘by water and laying on of hands.’  We also pour.

How often do you serve communion?
We serve communion on the first Sunday of each month and several other special days.  John Wesley calls communion one of the ‘means of grace.’

Do you use real wine? 
No.  We want to respect members of the community who suffer from alcoholism and we want to do everything possible to encourage anyone to take communion with us.

Who is John Wesley?
Wesley is the founder of the Methodist movement in England and the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States after the Revolutionary War

Can you briefly explain the Holy Trinity?
No.  And there are a lot of other things we believe that you can learn best by meeting with a small group or by asking the pastor.

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