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Movement to Church

Methodist: From Movement to Church
John Wesley and the people called Methodist have been a part of American land-scape for as long as there has been an America. As settlers moved west, Methodist Circuit Riders moved with them. What was it about this church that attracted to so many? The answers can be found in the roots of the Methodist societies formed in England and established as a church in the U.S. Beginning this Sunday and continuing through September we will study the history, theology and application of Wesley’s faith through the Methodist Societies and the United Methodist Church today.

Join us every Sunday

Aug. 21 A Religion of the Heart & Head
Sept. 4 Faith in Practice
Sept. 11 Grace for All
Sept. 25 Singing Like a Methodist
Oct. 2 Our Next Chapter

            (The children join there families in worship at about 11:00)
Child care is available for both services and Sunday School.


Wednesday Evening Activities
Join us every Wednesday evening at 5:30 for our prayer circle followed by a Bible study.







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